HAWA: from then till nowHawa architectural hardware always looks good, even in limited surroundings. Hardly surprising, given that the total office space was just six square metres when Karl and Otto Haab took the company reins into their hands back in 1965.

A brand new factory was inaugurated in the Mettmenstetten industrial area in 1980, with extensions added in 1990 and 2001. The company EKU AG in Sirnach joined the Hawa Group in 1992. And January 2001 saw management change from one generation to the next when Karl and Otto Haab handed the reins to their sons, Gregor and Heinz Haab.

Our self-imposed demand to supply our customers with technically mature products of the highest quality also applies in full to every new development. Many a project does not survive the long and arduous test phase required to turn a new idea into a new Hawa product. The fact that we nonetheless hold more than 100 national and international patents in the markets of every continent is convincing evidence of our innovation.

Mission statement of Hawa AGWe remain an independent family-owned company.

We concentrate on high-quality sliding technologies.

We develop, manufacture and sell sophisticated, market-appropriate solutions.

We pursue global activities with a close focus on our customers.

We employ motivated and skilled people who are able and willing to make decisions.

We seek commercial success through fairness towards our partners and the environment.