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LIFESTYLE COMPONENTS DIVISION-The Essence of Comfortable Living

MURAKOSHI developed the concept “3+” (Three Plus) in order to enable us to offer our customers innovative products of only the highest quality and performance. The three key elements of “3+” are SILENT(use), SAFETY(product), and SMOOTH(movement), which combine to bring you overall SATISFACTION in your daily life. Choosing our original and world-renowned “ONIME” joint, our functional interior fittings and hardware, our interior doors, door levers, aluminum frames, and “PFR” motion censor locks, which prevent injury during earthquakes, will ensure your home life is stylish and comfortable. Feel the delight in owning MURAKOSHI products.

FINE COMPONENTS DIVISION-Precision Functional Parts


Following detailed consultations with our clients, we design and develop original products speedily and precisely, using our cutting-edge 3D printer.


We have all the technologies and services required for high volume hardware production, including automated assembly lines, where our original product 'ONIME' Insert Nut is produced. We also do zinc die-casting and manufacture the tools required for zinc die-casting in our own facilities.

Manufacturing Control / Technical Control

Each product is manufactured to the highest technical specifications. We ensure quality in the plant by producing our own tools for manufacture and assembly. Every staff member knows that PPM and quality control are critical to our success.


Every MURAKOSHI product is thoroughly tested according to Japan Industrial Standards (JIS). We are able to test several products simultaneously, 24-hours a day, using our unique robot, which simulates the full spectrum of human movement.


MURAKOSHI is responsible for every product at every stage of production, up to final delivery. Our warehouse unit is large and well-organized, enabling smooth, error-free dispatch of all products.