瑞士鉑格 (Peka) 集團成立於1964年,專業從事廚房功能配件研發和生產。 集團總部和生產基地位於 Hallwil 湖畔的 Mosen,目前鉑格已經成為世界範圍內廚房功能配件領域的佼佼者。

鉑格致力於廚柜拉籃系統和廚房整體解決方 案的研究已超過了40年,其產品充分考慮到了人體工程學和空間利用等因素,依照歐洲 最高質量標准設計生產。 快速的產品更新以及超過50項的應用專利技術,鉑格成為了頂級家具和廚柜企業的重要合作伙伴。

Peka is a dynamic, independent manufacturing and trading company with in-depth knowledge of the market.
Our innovation is based on continuous monitoring of the market and evaluation of our customers' needs. We have come to occupy a leading position in the furnishing sector, on which we are currently building. Peka was set up as a family-run business in 1964 and is located in Mosen, on the shores of Lake Hallwil.

Peka has developed and manufactured pull- out systems and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 40 years.

Our products – which are developed in close cooperation with our customers – are user- friendly, space-saving and built to the highest quality standards.

We were one of the pioneers of tall cabinet pull-out systems and Magic Corner cupboard solutions as well as of user-friendly, ecologically designed waste separation systems.

With a steady stream of new products and more than 50 applications for patents, we have become an important partner for innovative furniture companies.